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A/C blower

	A few days back, the A/C blower (fan) on my '87 5000 CSTQ just
stopped working. The A/C compressor clicks on and it seems to cool, only
that the blower isn't blowing the air. The blower doesn't come on in any
mode - LO speed, HI speed or even when the heater is on (temp set to HI).
I ran the AC control unit in diagnostic mode using the procedure in the
Bentley manual. No error codes are set. When I follow the troubleshooting
chart for "A/C blower doesn't run", it goes through 2 or 3 steps and leads
to "Replace A/C control unit". The A/C control unit is the one which has
all the LEDs and buttons for controlling the climate control system (read
mucho bucks - though I haven't found out how much it costs).

	Although the A/C control unit does determine the speed of the
blower fan in AUTO mode, I am skeptical of the troubleshooting chart
in the Bentley manual. I do plan to take out the A/C control unit and
do my own troubleshooting with my multimeter. But before I start taking
everything apart, I'd like to know if any of you encountered a similar
problem. Any pointers? Thanks in advance.

Zafer Mehmood