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Oil for turbocharger

   >The previous owner never
   >changed the oil for the turbo so it got thrashed.  If you change your
   >turbo charger oil every 3.5K miles, you should have no problems.

   I have never seen anything about separate oil for the turbo.
   Where is the filter, filler, and oil reserve?

On the early turbos (e.g., my '83 Turbo Quattro Coupe), there is a separate
oil filter and feed for the turbo, but it's driven off of the common oil
sump/pump/pressure/etc. The second filter is right above (and at right an-
gles to) the main oil filter, and is somewhat smaller as I recall. I be-
lieve in later years, they "integrated" the turbo better with the engine,
so that there was only one filter/etc... (and added water cooling, and...)