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1991 Audi Turbo 20V Motor for sale

This is a post for my father, who doesn't have net access.  Please
respond to the number below.  Thanks.  -Erich

For sale: Audi 20V Turbo motor from a 91 200 Turbo Quattro with
3600 miles on engine.  Includes all accessories *except* wiring
harness, air temperature intake sender, and cruise control servo.
Also have intercooler extra, all the outlet and inlet plumbing
from a Euro S2.  

This is all the equipment needed to make an S2 out of a Coupe 
Quattro or 80 or 90 Quattro, 5000, 100, or earlier 200 Quattro.

$4400 without plumbing, $5600 with everything.  Call Dr. Jeremy
Nahum at 617-244-3739 (Boston area), 7-10 weeknights or weekends.