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Gearing on 86 4000 quattro sedan

Why did they gear the 86 4000 quattro sedan so low? At 120 mph 
the revs are already well near 6000, and it would seem that it
wastes gas. I have an 84 non quattro coupe that I am selling,
and it has a similar 1st, 2nd, and third, but 4, and especially
5 on the coupe offer a lot more leway. I think it is at about
5000 rpm at 120 mph. 

Is there any simple mod to lower the highway revs in 5th gear?


          I dunno why. Perhaps they just wanted better pickup and
          hillclimbing ability at highway speeds. Perhaps they 
          figured that with 55/65 in the US we'd be better off 
          with the extra accel with no need for top end.

          I wonder if the Euro 4000Qs are geared higher.....