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Re: 4000 battery

> Just wondering:  I need to replace the battery in my '86 4000 Quattro, and of
> course was told by my good friends at Sears/Wards/wherever that it was a
> special size and would run $70 instead of the on sale $34.99.  Right.  Has
> anyone out there replaced their battery with a more standard size (using 
> 2'x4' shims, or whatever is necessary)?

This sounds like a fast one.  I replaced the battery in my 85 4000Q last
year (and it looked like the original battery!), and bought an Interstate, 
which has worked fine since.  I don't remember the exact model, but it 
wasn't a non-standard size.  Getting it in was a bit tricky (had to 
remove this clamp thing), but not too difficult.