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Re: older 4000 Q ?s

POWELL, GLEN writes:
> As far as I know (and I might be wrong), the first 4000 quattro for the
> U.S. was model year 1984, with the early-style front and rear styling,
> and old-style dashboard/trim.  The 1984 car also comes with central
> locking and manual sunroof standard.  There is also power windows
> standard, operating the front doors only.  The rear doors have manual
> windows.
>           *** HMMMMMMMMM............  my '84 has an electric sunroof.
>               Are you sure about the manual roof?
>           Also, I could swear
>           I have seen a 4000Q without a sunroof, not sure if it was a
>           84 or 85, I thought it was an 85. Perhaps it was a Canadien
>           car.....I do know the Ur Quattros have manual roofs due to
>           the very low roofline.

I am not certain about it without looking it up.  I may be thinking
about the Ur-quattro instead of the 4000 quattro regarding the
manual roof.

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