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Re: 4000 battery

> So, do you like breathing Hydrogen? Never let it be said that the Germans
> would fall prey to doing something simple when a far more involved (and
> expen$ive) solution presents itself that requires non-standard parts and
> is generally a royal pain in the ass (having to pull the $#@#(@$@#!ing
> rear seat to jump-start the car, for example [OK, you don't have to pull
> the seat from the car, but it's still a pain compared to opening the hood
> and connecting cables like "normal" cars!]).

Well, in fact, there is a terminal inside the hood for jump starting purposes;
just the positive terminal though, you use the engine/body as the ground.

> I would dump the Diehard (much as they are good batteries and I have cer-
> tianly bought my fair share of them over the years) and get a sealed bat-
> tery that you can *SAFELY* vent to the outside! (There should be a little
> hose running up next to the battery that connects to a nipple on the bat-
> tery and vents outside the passenger compartment.)
This is a good point about safety. I did notice a hose close to the
battery but not connected to anything and I was wondering what it was for.
Now I know. I wonder if a battery cover is available with a nipple on it
that can be installed, and the hose connected to the nipple. I'll also
check if Sears has the right type of battery and are willing to swap it with
my Diehard. I do remember someone posting on this list a while back that
his battery exploded.