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RE: Brakes for Audi

>I was shopping recently for Repco MetalMaster brake pads (which several
>people on this list have recommended previously) and found that
>Strano's Foreign Car (800)729-1831 were the cheapest. They advertise
>specifically for the Repcos. I did not compare with PAP or Shokan
>though. One thing I found was that the front pads for my 87 Audi 5000 CS TQ
>are expensive - the cheapest price I got was $80. The rear pads and
>those for other cars like my Mitsubishi Starion are between $27 and $36.
>Anyone know why the front pads for the Audi are so expensive? Did anyone
>get these cheaper elsewhere?

I think the Audi Turbo front pads are move expensive because:

1. They pads are quite huge. Don't forget, them calipers are big dual piston

2. There is an integral wear sensor implanted into each front pad (just in case
you don't let the dealer change them at the 50% wear point).  There's a wire
and a connector, as part of the assembly.

3. Audi rips folks off when selling parts.