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Re: 60K Audi Coupe Quattro Se

> From GPOWELL@rimail.interlan.com Fri Jul 16 11:11:59 1993
> Date: Fri, 16 Jul 93 14:09:57 EST
> To: JGOEKE.UNIX11@mailsrv2.eldec.com (JGOEKE), quattro@aries.East.Sun.COM (--)
> Subject: Re: 60K Audi Coupe Quattro Se
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>           A far cry from the $800 dealer quote!
>           PAP is at 1-800-944-2964

First oil filter that I bought for my 88 90 costed me about $20 from dealer.
Same filter from BMW dealer cost about $7 and you could possibly buy it
cheaper from an import auto part. 

I think the ratio applies here .  This job should not cost more than $300.  For
a do it yourself type, it should be less than $200.  By the way changing the 
pads and rotors is relatively easy job.

Good luck,