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Gas shocks

I have two questions regarding gas shocks (strut inserts):

1. Those of you who have gas shocks on your car (Boge TurboGas, Koni gas, etc)
do you find that the ride gets noticeably stiffer in the winter, as the
temperature drops? The reason I ask is because in my 84 Mitsubishi Starion,
which had OEM gas struts, the manual claimed that the struts have Nitrogen
gas to provide a better road grip in winter (quicker return on bumps to
help with ice, snow, etc). I found these struts to be a pain in the winter
(in fact < 50 degrees or so) and don't want to get gas struts for my Audi if
this is what I'm going to get into. I'd rather buy the Boge hydraulics in
that case.

2. Will having new gas struts in the front with older (OEM) hydraulics
in the back cause instability in corners? The car is a 5000 TQ. I was told
this by a mail order sales person when I called to order the Boge
TurboGas. He claimed that the stiffer suspension in the front with softer
rear could cause the rear end to break away in corners. Any experience
or opinions on this?