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Re: Radiator Neck Repair

Hi Jason:

You could be right. It is possible that the plastic was is such
a bad state that the glue didn't bond properly .

I got the new radiator from A - German Auto Wrecking in San Jose Ca.
phone # 408-993-9711. They sell mostly used parts but the do carry 
some new parts. You can also haggle with them on the prices. I paid
$239 + tax = 258.71 (not $229 + tax that I mentioned before).

If you want the name of the radiator repair place call Carlson Audi (415)
856-6300 in Palo Alto Ca. and ask them about it. 

Thanks and good luck.


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Ali --

Its unfortunate your repair didn't last.  The dealer and my independent mechanic
both seemed to think that the repair was pretty good.  I hope mine works out
better. I will certainly monitor mine closely.  Was the plastic on yours
really coming apart -- i.e., was it disintegrating too much to get a good bond?

Please post the name of the parts place in Ca.  -- one never has too many parts
places on ones list.


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