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RE: 200 Turbo Spark Plugs

>I just changed the plugs on my 1990 200 Turbo. I went to a parts store
>and got the Champion replacement plugs. The Bosch plugs in the car have
>three outer electrodes whereas the Champions have only the normal single
>outer electrode. Does anyone know if it matters??

YUP, it matters.  The theory I heard is that turbocharged intake velocities have
a tendancy to extinguish sparks. The 3 electrode Bosch plugs are supposed to
eliminate this.

>From my own experience (5000 turbo quattro), the 3 prong plugs idle better,
accelerate smoother, and never wear out.  I tried single electrode platinum
plugs for a while, and the engine just didn't run as well. I change them once a
year, "just because".