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5000 turbo's

> I used to drive an '85 5000S T (non-quattro.) I was quite satified with its
> turbo power until I wrecked it about two months ago. In searching for
> a new car, I test drove two '87 CS T and realized that their performance
> seemed worse than my the '85 turbo I used to have.
> -Hien

>From 86 on (at least), the 5000 turbo wastegate is controlled by the engine
computer. The boost is SEVERELY limited for emission/mileage/political reasons.
The hardware is all there including a humunganoid intercooler. This setup (86,
87, 88, maybe more), only runs a puny-girlingman 5 psi of boost. The
intercooler is just a vestigal remnant of the real 200 HP Euro version.

My advice; change the software and turn it into a real turbocharged car.

For a teaser, you can bypass the "wastegate frequency valve" and get to
see/feel what it can do. You'll get to see the boost guage climb to 1.5-1.6. 
BUT, it only lasts 4 seconds until the engine computer shuts down the fuel
pump. Don't attempt this unless you REALLY know what you're doing.