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Re: 4000/5000 brakes

Speaking of brake behavior, I changed my front pads two 
days ago and decided to flush out the old 
fluid and put in Castrol LMA since it has been 30kmiles
since the last flush. (This is for my 86 GT coupe)

Once I bled the system, with the vacumm hose to the booster
disconnected and blah blah as per the Bentley manual, 
(except I did not push the brake pressure regulator 
toward the rear as said in the manual) the brakes
have not been as good as it was previously. Every now and
then the brake pedal bottoms out, otherwise it
will be great. Never happened at all prior to the fluid 
flush. Bled the thing 3 times already. Do I have to bleed
the system with the car at an angle, so that the master
cylinder is level? 

Did a brake booster check, where the brake pedal goes
down a little when I start up the engine and it was fine.

Dead master cylinder? Thats what Bentley says. I am hoping
that it is something else, as this occurs intermittently.
Fluid level is fine and stays at max all the time.

Hope it won't cost me too much $$$$