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AudiWatch Update (Tm) #19

AudiWatch Update #19 8-3-93

Mailed from the _InteropNET '93_  _Hot Stage Test Facility_

CNN's _MONEYLINE_ with Lou Dobbs has done several 2-5 minute articles
on the VW/GM fiasco. They are following this with a great amount of
detail. They feel that this could be *THE* industrial espionage case
of the 1990s. They have almost daily updates on the case and its most
recent developments. Seen on CNN on the Right Coast at 7pm EDT, Ed. 

R&T, Aug '93


  THE ALL-ALUMINUM, mid-engine Audi Quattro Spyder concept car, which
created enourmous interest when it was unveiled at the 1991 Frankfurt
auto show, will not reach production. After much hesitation, the
company's board has finally decided that the current recession in the
automobile business requires full concentration on larger-volume models.
  The Spyder was develpoed at a time when Ferry Piech, who is part owner
of Porsche, was Audi's chief and stood in complete disagreement with the
way Porsche was being managed. Remeber, one of Piech's reasons for having
the Spyder developed was to show Porsche what his idea of a sensible sports
car was. Meanwhile, Porsche has acquired a new managing director and
development chief, and Piech has become president of the entire VAG Group
(which includes Audi). In the end, the final decision not to produce the
Spyder may ahve been influenced by the desire not to compete directly
with Porsche. (!, Ed.)

WORLD NEWS, _European Car_, Aug '93


  Ferdinand Piech's first few months as head of VW AG have been
characterized by one insider as a "blood bath." Piech's insistence
on high levels of quality control, an approach that has fueled Audi's
recent successes, has meant, in may cases, out with the old and in with
the new -- particularly in Puebla, Mexico, whrer US-spec A3 Golfs and
Jettas are being built.

WORLD NEWS AW, July 12, '93


  VW AG has shown its new GOLF CONVERTIBLE, the car that will finally
replace the previous, 13-year-old version. The new car will again be built
by Karmann and will appear at this fall's Frankfurt show.
  VW insiders in the states say we'll get cars next spring as early 1995
models. The only engine offered here will be the 115 HP. 2.0-liter GTI
motor. Euro versions will initially be offered with a 90 HP, 1.8 liter
four and the engine we get......

WORLD NEWS, _European Car_, Sept '93


  Reigning N American Pro Rally Champion Paul Choiniere shattered the
existing course record at the oldest hillclimb (actually the oldest
motorsport event of any type, Ed.) in America, at Mt. Washington, New
Hampshire, driving his '92 Quattro S2 to the summit 22 seconds faster
than the old record. (look for a closer look at Choiniere's Audi next issue)
  Placing second was Carl Merrill's '93 Cosworth Escort GT, which also 
broke the existing course record. Longtime Audi pilot Bruno Kreibich
(and friend of this editor) placed third. Forty-one cars in seven
different classes competed in this 90th anniversary running of the
"Climb to the Clouds," including a '50 Jaguar XK 120, a '31 Studebaker
Indy racer and Bob Elliot's '91 Golf, which won class 5.


  (old news to regular AudiWatch Update readers)
  Part of VW chairman Ferdinand Piech's austerity program is the building
of a plant in Spain with the goal of producing a car in 13 man hours.
It now takes 19 man hours to build a VW. However, VW exutives deny rumors
they'll soon reintroduce the Beetle to Europe. An all-new "people's car"
in the spirit of the Beetle can be expected along about 1998. Could the
prroduction version of the "Chico" city car be built en Espana?

_European Car_, Sept. '93, also states that an upcoming 1993 issue will
contain a special Audi performance section, Ed.


  This fall, Audi design chief Hartmut Warkuss will be named design
chief of the entire VW group, replacing Herbert Schafer, who is
scheduled to retire.


....Over the past three years Honda has ruined a number of its best cars.....
....The latest Legend is boring, as is the Vigor, which tries to be like
an AUDI but doesn't succeed.....The new Prelude is fat and ugly, and the
overweight, overhyped, overpriced del Sol is a sad successor.....


  Bad news on two fronts for Ignacio Lopez. First, VW now says it CANNOT
AFFORD TO BUILD a new plant in Lopez's native Basque region of Spain
(AW, 6-28). "If you look at the overall economic situation, there can be
no question of it at this time," VW chairman Ferdinand Piech was quoted
in Germany. "I have told Mr. Lopez this." (bait-n-switch job offer? Ed.)
  And if that wasn't enough bad news, German prosecutors say they have
discovered CONFIDENTIAL GM DOCUMENTS in the homes of two former GM
employees who followed Lopez to VW (AW, 6-31). "What we've found shows
that Opel had reasons to be suspicios." one prosecutor said. "The
documents confirm and strengthen Opel's position. They are documents
that don't belong in somebody's house."
  Among the documents are component price breakdows and Opel model plans
for the next decade. (Uh-oh!, Ed)

AUDIs in competition, upcoming events

Lime Rock Motorsport Park, Lime Rock CT
August 16-18th. All Quattros and Audis are welcome. Includes driver's
school and skidpad used by the Skip Barber Racing School and time-trials
on the road course. Contact the Quattro Club at 612-938-3967 for more info.
Admission FREE for spectators.

December 3-5th, Rumford ME, rally headquarters
This is the REAL THING and the final event of the 1993 PRO RALLY season.
NOT TO BE MISSED! Admission FREE for spectators.

AUDIs in competition, results:


  Paul Choiniere took 22 seconds off the Mt Washington hillclimb
record, reaching the summit in 6:46.62 in his 1992 Audi Quattro S2
in the 90th running of the Climb to the Clouds. Carl Merrill was 
second, some 12 seconds behind, in a 1993 Cosworth Escort.
(awesome photo of Merrill *WAY* out of shape, L R wheel 2 feet
 in the air and well off the side of the road, nice photo of
 Paul's S2 also, Ed.)

Round 3/Susquehannock Trail, Wellsboro, PA, June 4-6
OPEN 1. Choiniere/Becker/Audi S-2 (2:20:11)
     2. Kreibich/Buffum/Quattro (2:20:43)
     3. Dimarco/Hauge/Legacy (2:21:47)

Round 2/Rim of the World, Palmdale CA, May 14-15 (top 3 in class)
OPEN 1. Paul Choiniere/Jeff Becker/Audi S-2 (2:50:24)
     2. Chad DiMarco/Erick Hauge/Subaru Legacy (2:53:55)
     3. Jeff Zwart/Tony Sircombe/Porsche Carrera (2:58:07)

Round 1/Wild West Opener, WA, April 23-25, '93 (top 3 in class)
OPEN 1. John Buffum/Jeff Becker/Audi S-2 (90 Coupe Quattro 20V Turbo) (2:14:35)
     2. Carl Merrill/Jon Wickens/Ford (2:18:03)
     3. J.Richard Corley/Martin Headland/Mitsubitchy (2:19:23)

Rim Divisional 2, Palmdale CA, May 15 (top 3 in class)
OPEN 1. Bawden/Coatsworth/Mitsubitchy Eclipse (2:03:19)
     2. Jardevall/Karleson/Saab 99 (2:04:43)
     3. Brasil/Nunes/Audi Quattro (2:08:01)

Fenceline 3, San Bernadico CA, April 10 (top 4 in class)
OPEN 1. Bawden/Eclipse (14:43)
     2. Tavares/Toy FX (15:03)
     3. R. Brasil/Quattro (15:36)
     4. J. Brasil/Quattro (15:43)

SCCA NATIONAL TOUR (unofficial results)
Boston MA, Bayside Exposition Center, July 11 & 11 (top 3 in class)
Day 1:
HS 1. B. Reeves/Dodge Colt (mitsubitchy) (43.0xx)
   2. G. Powell/Audi 4000 Quattro (43.182)
Day 2:
HS 1.
DNS   G. Powell/Audi 4000 Quattro (DNS due to conflict w/NASCAR @ NHIS)
HS 1.

Solo Time Solo, Salina Kansas, April 23-35
HS 1. Carl Zelion/Audi Coupe GT (139.826)

Boise Divisional, Boise Idaho, April 17, '93
HS 1. James Herrud/Audi 4000

Buccaneer Divisional, Jacksonville FL, May 22-23 (top 2 in class)
HS 1. Kendrick/Celica (148.748)
HS 2. Batchelder/Quattro (157.798)

Event #4/Agusta Civic Center, Agusta ME, May 23, '93 (top 3 in class)
HS 1. G. Powell/Audi 4000 Quattro (44.656)

Event #3/MA Safety Council, W. Boylston MA, May 2, '93 (top 3 in class)
HS 1. G. Powell/Audi 4000 Quattro (35.113)
   2. Miller/Toyota Celica GT (35.463)
   3. J. Powell/Audi 4000 Quattro (39.091)

Event #2/Orange Airport, Orange MA, April 25, '93 (top 3 in class)
HS 1. G. Powell/Audi 4000 Quattro (61.899)
   2. J. Powell/Audi 4000 Quattro (68.062)
   3. Miller/Toyota Celica GT (81.335)

Event #1/Horseneck Beach, MA, April 11, '93 (top 3 in class)
HS 1. G. Powell/Audi 4000 Quattro (32.0686)
   2. J. Powell/Audi 4000 Quattro (35.7264)
   3. Abdalian/Toyota Tercel (37.1718)

NESCC (New England Sports Car Club)
Event #3/Orange Airport, Orange MA, June 6, '93 (top 5 in class)
PRO-DSP 1. G. Vincent/CRX (47.334)
PRO-DSPL2. A. Vincent/CRX (47.358)
PRO-DSP 3. Leverone/CRX (47.785)
PRO-ES  4. Varsell/Integra (48.000)
PRO-HS  5. G.Powell/4000 Quattro (49.820)
(I did nail a *much* better time on my 4th run, but only the first 3
 runs count in PRO, :( finishing out the $$$ *again*, Ed.)

Event #2/Orange Airport, Orange MA (top 3 in class)
PRO-ES 1. Besso/VW GTI (44.385)
PRO-HS 2. G. Powell/Audi 4000 Quattro (46.311)
PRO-DS 3. Leverone/Honda (49.034)

Event #1/Orange Airport, Orange MA, April 18, '93 (top 3 in class)
HS 1. G. Powell/Audi 4000 Quattro (57.243)
   2. Draper/Saab 99 (61.429)
   3. J. Powell/Audi 4000 Quattro (61.566)

AUDIs of interest FOR SALE:

AUDI QUATTRO COUPE, 1985, 1 of 75, many mods, very fast, xlnt. cond,
$18,000. 303-893-8800 or 303-691-8995. CO
(collectors, enthusiasts, this is the year to own! Ed.)

'83 AUDI QUATTRO Turbo Coupe -- Rare. 69K miles. Extras. 8" rims.
Great condition. $12.5K/OBO. 408-375-4294. CA

AUDI QUATTRO COUPE, 1983 -- Silver/Brn cloth, 83K mi, good cond, Yok AVS,
interdediate, $8K/OBO 310-384-3455/days/eves MD

'83 AUDI TURBO COUPE QUATTRO -- Wht, only 30K mi, immac. cond, mod to
ABT specs., awesome. $17K. Auto Fitness. 310-575-0075

1982 AUDI TURBO QUATTRO CPE -- silver/Brn lthr. Vin #WAUDC0856CA900650,
Glasurit paint 4/94, A008's, Konis, 5000TQ wheels, JVC CD pullout, way
too many new & rebuilt components to list, incl. new short block &
clutch assy, rebuilt head & turbo. Many spares incl.orig. short block,
turbo, wheels, etc. A blast to drive. $15K inv., will take Best Offer.
412-264-3300/days; 412-429-0443/eves. PA

JH Motorsport offers for sale its unique 1993 six-speed AUDI QUATTRO S4 SPORT.
This performance sedan comes equipped with a 300 HP Lehmann turbocharged
20-valve engine with a special tuned exhaust, as well as sport suspension,
performance brakes, and 17-inch alloy wheels fitted with Michelin MXX3
radials. For more information, contact JH Motorsport, 297 Grosse pines Dr,
Rochester, MI 48309; 313-651-2685


AUDI Quattro Wagon, 5000/100/200, turbo or non-turbo
Around $5000.00, NE area, condition more important than miles
AUDI 4000 Quattro, early model (82/83), stripper, no sunroof, etc.
Around $2000. Rough body/paint/interior OK.
Call glen at 1-800-526-8255 x767 or email powell@interlan.interlan.com

1985 or 1986 AUDI COUPE Quattro -- low miles (86? Ed.)
Excellent condition. No re-paints.
919-676-9404/e.; 361-4164/d. NC

-glen, Vorsprung durch Technik!