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Re: Quick question

          Upgrading an early oil-cooled-only turbo to a water-cooled
          turbo is a bit of a job, but I did do it myself. You need,
          in addition to the new turbo, the water supply and return
          lines, the fitting for the upper radiator hose on the head,
          water-cooled-type oil supply and return lines, the bolt
          pattern at the turbo is different to make room for the
          water-cooling plumbing, and a freeze plug with a nipple on
          it to attach the water return line to the engine. Of course
          you also need new gaskets, etc. A new upper radiator hose is
          also a good idea as the new hose fitting is at a slightly
          different angle. The old hose won't like being stressed into
          a different position after all those hot/cool cycles, it
          will soon fail. I learned this the hard way. The maiden
          voyage for my car with the K24 was to the Mt. Washington
          Hillclimb and the old reused hose blew when I shut off the
          car after the drive up there, about 200 miles. I was able
          to secure a "universal" hose for the weekend and return
          trip. I was advies about this but ignored the advise. :(
          Now you know.

          Removing the old turbo is a bit of a challenge due to access
          problems. Various metric flex sockets and crows-feet were
          required. This would be much eaiser if you removed the
          intake and exhaust manifolds, or were doing an engine swap
          at the same time. Removing the old freeze plug was also a
          challenge. I made a slap-hammer with a pointy threaded piece
          on the end, drilled a small hole in the old plug, threaded
          the pointy tip in, and yanked it out with a weight-set
          weight attached to the end, slap-hammer style. The new plug
          was tapped into place with a deep socket over the nipple.

          If your new turbo comes without the studs for the exhaust
          pipe you will need new ones, don't try to reuse the old
          studs. Also, get new nuts and washers. The heat, stress and
          pressure on this HW is unbelieveable! Note, these studs are
          like $22.00 EACH and you need 4 of them.

          This K24/S4 turbo upgrade was unquestionably THE BEST
          performance/$ upgrade I have done so far. The driveability
          has radically changed the personality of the automobile.
          Boost comes up at 2500 RPM and is all-the-way-in by 3000.
          The response at 3000 and above is instantaneous. It's
          point-and-squirt response at its best! Definitely worth
          the $$ and the hassle. Highly recommended.

          vorsprung durch technik,