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Steel wheels for snow tires?

It's a bit early to worry about this, but as the list is full of tire
talk these days...I keep seeing ads for mail-order snow tires that mention
steel wheels.  I have an '88 5000CS turbo non-quattro with 15" stock alloys
(15 by 6.5? takes 205/60 R15 tires).  Any suggestions on studded snows, and
is it worth buying the snows with steel wheels?  The wheels offered by
mail-order are a lot more expensive than those for other Audis (over $110
each) -- better to save my money and just have the snows mounted on the
alloys when winter comes?

Also, if I buy wheels for winter, should I go for narrower ones?  One
school of thought has it that narrower tires are better for ice.