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newbie questions ... (snow tires, and octane number)

          Congrats on your new Audi!

          Snow tires should be considered mandatory in MA/NH.
          Although you may well drive "very carefully", the
          other bimbos and loosers out there won't be. You need 'em
          unless you own a body shop. 

          On the octane question, you might not need the 92 octane.
          Best thing to do is just try some lower grades. Try to
          listen as best you can for detonation. If you have a
          closed-loop knock-detection ignition system then the
          worst case scenario would be a loss of performance when
          using lower octane fuel.

          Even better, buy or build some type of indicator to display
          when knock is detected or when the computer is backing off
          the timing due to knock. MSD sells such a unit called the
          _Knock Alert_. They work very well. About $150 though.....