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Re: is there a non-turbo 200 quattro

> > there was a 100Q, but it is terribly terribly underpowered.  don't know
> > about non turbo 5000 quattros (i.e. pre 1988) though..
> > 
> > eliot
> We have an 87 5000S Quattro (naturally aspirated) and I would say its
> underpowered.  But its my wifes car and she's satisfied with the performance.
> We've taken four adults up over the Sierra's and it pulled up the mountains
> well.  It just doesn't go 0-60 very fast.  Kind of like the Mercedes 300. 

Amen. As the (sole) 100Q owner on the quattro list, I second Carl's
sentiment. It gets around fairly well, has never met something it
couldn't handle, even with 5 people and suitcases climbing hills.

So it doesn't burn rubber, or blow 300ZX's away at stop lights.
Who cares? It's my daily commuter, and it does just fine. When I
need to pass, there's always a gear or two down below waiting.


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