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Re: Steering Rack Questions

I read (with interest), Jason's questions about replacing the steering rack
on his Audi 5000.  I have the same leakage and fluctuation of leakage.  I have
yet to look at my Bently book to see how tuff the job is, but I have another car,
so if the job takes a couple of days, no problem.  I asked (at the dealer parts
counter) if a rebuild kit was available with new seals and such, but it was not.
So, I guess by the end of the week, I'll probably order the rack from PAP and
post my experiences changing it.  (I know I don't have time until the weekend
after next to make the swap).  Are there any people out there with experience
bleading the hydraulic system?

		'67 human (SWM)
		'79 VW Scirocco
		'87 Audi 5000CS TQ