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Re: misc. parts

>      I never kept the phone numbers of the various suppliers that
> handle Audi parts.  I am in the market for a couple of relays,plugs,
> filters, door handles and floor mats.  My local dealer is just too
> expensive.  Any help will be appreciated.
>                                         --greg--

Since Audi parts are so expensive, its a good idea for us to maintain a list
of good parts sources with information on which source is cheaper for certain
parts (eg. shocks, brake pads, tune-up components, etc). I am willing to
compile such a list if others will send me their experiences. Specifically,
information such as 

Name of the place
Phone number
What types of parts they carry (if you know)
Do they also carry used parts
Experiences (good/bad, helpful on phone, parts shipped on time/late, etc)
Are they cheaper for certain type of parts, etc.

will be helpful. I will go through the archives and gather whatever information
I can to generate a starter list. 

Greg, to answer your question, I have a few places listed below:

1. PAP, Porsche Audi Parts, 1-800-944-2964. No experience myself with them.
2. Shokan 1-800-ALL-AUDI. They have new and used parts. New parts are not much cheaper
   than the dealer. Some of their salespeople have a bad attitude and are not helpful.
   Also charge a lot for shipping and handling. Needless to say, I have called them
   several times but never ordered anything from them.
3. Strano's Foreign Car Parts, PA. 800-729-1831.  I found them to be cheapest for Repco
   Metal Masters Brake Pads. Also ordered strut inserts from them. Generally good service.
4. RD Enterprises 800-683-2890. Cheapest prices for springs, shocks, etc.
5. Sebring Automotive Ent. Richmond Hill, NY 800-248-1133. Carry Repco Metal Masters,
   and other Audi parts.

Lets add to this list!