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RE: ball joints

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> From: "Alpha Personal Systems Group, ML03-6/C9 223-2379" <mcintyre@wrksys.enet.dec.com>
> I suspect that the front ball joints on my 4000CSQ are in need of replacement.
> The rubber boots are beginning to shred, and the occasional odd sound (but
> not a wheel bearing sound) can be heard on slight left turns.
> Can ball joints be replaced without taking apart the entire suspension?
> Bentley only talks about ball joint removal in the context of bigger jobs,
> and it's not clear how much other disassemly is required just for the
> ball joint.

The ball joints can be replaced without removing the entire suspension, at
least on my 1982 4000S (non-quattro). The ball joints are attached to the
lower control arm via three nuts/bolts and to the strut via a shaft which
fits into the strut. It is held on the strut by a single bolt on the strut
which clamps around it. I had a little trouble loosening up the ball joint
and the clamping bolt at the strut because it was all rusted together. The
only other thing to know is that you need to apply pressure downward on the
lower control arm to loosen the ball joint from the strut and the control arm.
I pushed down on the control arm with a long bar. Alternatively, you can remove
the clamp holding the sway bar on.

Good luck.