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Re: AudiWatch Update (Tm) #21

>From eliot@lanmola.engr.washington.edu Tue Aug 31 19:46:26 1993
>From: Eliot Lim <eliot@lanmola.engr.washington.edu>
>> Can you guys import Canadian models to the US?  Brand new '93 S4s list
>> for $54K here.  After exchange, that's US$ 41K -- for a *new* car, before
>> any discounts.
>but did you add your canadian 13% GST?  i was going to respond that i'll
>make a trip across the border to get one until i remembered the dreaded
>GST.  :-)

The GST is only 8% (although it may be higher for cars, but I dont think so).
Also I believe (dont quote me :-) )  that a non-Canadian resident can apply
to have the GST refunded.  I know you used to be able to do that with
the Ontario Provincial tax (7%) but the last Ontario budget MAY have cut
that off.