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Re: need euro halogen bulbs for 9004 headlights

There is a place in MI that sells em. They are kinda expensive,
and I found that another source advertises in Euro-Car that is
in Vancouver, but their ads are sporadic. I'll try to get them,
but the one in MI is 

Competition Limited 313-464-1458 
9004 55/100W 	$19.95ea
9004 80/100W	$24.95ea
Wiring Harness 	$49.95
Super Kit, harness and 2 80/100 $89.95.

Like I said, expensive. I'm suspect that the outfit
in Vancouver is cheaper. I bought 65/90W (??)
from the above and they suck the jooz from my battery 
with headlights on and ac at fan #3. 90amps from my 
alternator could not handle it.