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Advice on buying an '82 audi coupe

	In the Audiwatch updates that Glen posts to the quattro mailing list
I have seen several ads for older ('82, '83) coupes. These cars seem to be
rare I guess. Is that why they command such a high price? Anyway, I want to
ask your opinion about a '82 Audi coupe that someone is selling locally.
Here's the description the person posted in one of the local internet

>'82 Audi coupe. 5 cylinder engine. 99k miles. Automatic. Very good condition.
>No rust. New whole exhaust system (including convertor). New alternator, New
>Seas DieHard battery, New 185/60/R14 tires. 
>aking $850.

Does this look like a good deal? Seems like this is the base model (no turbo
or quattro) and I haven't yet spoken to the seller to get more details. I am
not currently looking to buy a car but if this is a worthwhile buy, I will
consider it. Is this car rare or common? Any particular things to watch out
for? I'd appreciate your opinion on this. Thanks in advance.