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Re: Misc stuff...

Chris Ice wrote:
> 1)  I've scanned in a picture of me putting my 90Q through its paces at a 
>     recent auto-x event.  If you're interested it can be found at:
>     	tinman.mke.ab.com  -->  /pub/incoming
>     or hopefully soon on:
>     	ftp.metrics.com    -->  /auto/audi

Done.  It's there as audi90q.zip; I took the liberty of converting it to
Windows .bmp format -- those of you who need other formats can do the
appropriate conversions easily enough.  It's my site, so I get to pick
the formats.  :)

While I welcome any Audi, VW and Porsche bitmaps, ftp.metrics.com quite
intentionally has *NO* writable file area.  If you have an image you'd
like to contribute, please send me email and we'll get it on there.

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