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Re: Recall on Transmission

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> Subject: Re: Recall on Transmission 
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> what recall?  sticks or slush boxes?  do you know the years covered?
> Jason

My car is an '85 5000S turbo automatic. I received a recall letter from Audi 
recently regarding filling up the differential oil, which might have evaporated
and thus premature wear could cause serious problem. (The manual said that we do not
have to change this oil ever). 

Last month, I called up this guy who was selling his '85 5000T AT. In our chat,
this transmission recall was mentioned, and I remembered that he said something 
like : " Well, they (Audi dealer) ended up replacing the whole transmission for 
me." I forgot to ask him if he had paid for the replacement or Audi covered
the cost.

I remembered reading in an Audi Watch on this net about this recall also. I think
it covered the 5000's from '80 to '88. May be Glen can shed some light on this matter.