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Rims For Sale (?)

In the event I end up keeping our '88 90, I'll just get 
steel rims I think and mount some snows (who was going to
sell me those?  Dave?)

At any rate, this past winter I tried to order a set of 4 steel
rims with snows for the car.  Almost 2 months later, what 
I received for my trouble was a set of alloys with snows :).

Here are the specs:

- 14" MSW (Made by OZ Italy I'm pretty sure) Type 23
- 6 spoke, 4 lug
- Machined face and lip with silver/black accents and clear coat
- 4x108mm, 45mm offset 6Jx14 (fits at least the 80/90)

- Pirelli Winter/S2 185/70R14 (I think)
- used 2 months this past winter

I don't have a great interest in selling the tires, but if you 
are going to use the rims for snows, you might as well benefit
from the mounting and balancing.  It's a bit of a waste though,
which is the other reason for selling them - these are too nice
to beat up in the winter, they deserve to be on in the summer.
If I had a quattro, these would definitely be on the car as I 
think they look much sportier than the stock rims.

I haven't decided on a firm price yet - for the rims, no
less than $100 each, so $400.  The snows were $70 each, but 
we can talk about that.  I have no clue about shipping, but I
did save the cardboard that came with the rims just in case.

Each rim also comes with 4 new lug bolts and the 'MSW' center

I can fax a picture of the rim if you're interested.

| Dan |
Dan Simoes			          dans@ans.net
Associate Programmer		         (914) 789-5378
Advanced Network & Services               Elmsford, NY