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Re: Chip & Exhaust for '87 Coupe

from Chris:
>Last winter's road salt finally turned my '87 Coupe's exhaust system into swiss
>cheese.  I am thinking of springing for a sport exhaust and would like comments
>on what I should get and where I should get it from.  I need to replace the
>center section and figured I'd get a throaty muffler too.  I've heard good 
>things about Leistricht (sp?) and Ansa setups but want to get more info...
>While I'm at it, I'd like to get a chip to take advantage of my new, less-
>restrictive exhaust.  My car is an '87 "Special Build" with the 2.3L 5-cyl
[stuff deleted]
>                                        Chris <cidleman@pica.army.mil>
I ordered and put in an Ansa rear muffler about 3 months ago(this is summer
mind you). The mail order place (PAP) did not have the mid pipe in stock so
I splurged foolishly and bought the mid pipe from the dealer. The factory
mid-pipe looks practically brand new now. But the Ansa (cost me $109) has
already got some surface rust on the outlet and around the welds. This is
only 1 sample of Ansa but other netters have complained about their
longevity (lack of). i'm hoping the rear muffler will last the year.
Guess the savings in getting the Ansa just evaporated. I'll be calling
Linda at Carlsen sooon . . .
Give Borla exhausts a try too. Seems to have good write-ups in Euro Car.
Uses a high quality (non-magnetic stainless) stock and makes performance
mufflers. Seems like Ansa doesn't make performance exhausts for my 87
5000S. It has the 2.2 inline 5.
Ernest Wong