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RE: not a recall

> From: Franklin Fasano <FFASANO@VASALES.LEGENT.COM>
>   >From: abd@cadre.com (Andreas B. Dharmawan)
>   > The service rep told me that Audi is replacing the power
>   > steering hose to prevent loss of hydrulic fluid. Nothing
>   > is wrong the current hose, but as it ages, some leaks may
>   > happen.
> I had this leak at 15K miles.  I was able to identify it from the strange 
> odor and smoke(!) from under the hood.  Apparently the fluid leaked onto the 
> engine, then heated up.  Interestingly enough, I noticed it the day before 
> my scheduled maintenance so I had them look at it then.
>   > My car is Audi 90 '93. So if you car is about the same year,
>   > you may want to consult your local dealer.
> Yep, same year and model as mine.

Out of curiosity, where do the two of you live and where do you get your
cars serviced? I ask because I also have a 1993 90... After Andreas' message,
I called several local (Boston, MA) dealers to inquire whether or not
they'd heard about this "not a recall". From three different dealers, I
got three different answers (suprise, suprise).

	#1. "Bring it in and we'll take a look. If it's leaking, we'll
	     replace it... Usually it's just a washer or something."

	#2. "We'll replace it only if it leaks."

	#3. "Yes, that's right, they're [Audi] recommending one line
	     be replaced. Make an appointment."

This question came along at the perfect moment for me because I'm looking
for a better dealer to use for service after becoming fed up with the 
inadbility of the dealer I purchased from to fix several minor but very
irritating problems. So, If figured I use this question to feel out which
dealers were up-to-date and conciensious about Audi service...

I bought from Pass & Weisz in Burlington, MA, and after hearing about
other netters' bad experiences with the service dept. there and my own,
I figured it was time to move.

Maybe not. Pass & Weisz is dealer #3 above.