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Re: Pressure Acummulator Discoveries

The figures from the trip computer may be somewhat inaccurate.
They are calculated on an ongoing basis by measuring the amount of 
fuel used ( there is a fuel flow sensor just next to the fuel
pump ) and dividing it into the miles travelled during that period.

Since the fuel sensor can be off by 10 or 15 % , there is a switch
on the instrument panel cluster ( at the back ) which allows you
to adjust the readings by +8%,+16%,-8%, and -16% ( an of course 0% ).

I had watched my readings from the computer consistently read 10% high,
so one day when I had the cluster off, I compensated this error out.
I now get readings that more closely agree with my tank-full/tank-full

Bentley shows where the switch is, if anyone wants to play with it.
I just wanted people to be aware that the trip computer may be off
by quite a bit.

Alan Cordeiro
'85 5000TQ