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RE: not a recall

  > Out of curiosity, where do the two of you live and where do you get your
  > cars serviced? I ask because I also have a 1993 90... After Andreas' 
  > I called several local (Boston, MA) dealers to inquire whether or not
  > they'd heard about this "not a recall". From three different dealers, I
  > got three different answers (suprise, suprise).

I use Manhattan Audi in Rockville MD, outside of Washington, DC.  I have 
been very pleased with the service.  Compared to the other dealerships I 
have dealt with in the past (VW, Dodge, Jeep, Acura) they are without a 
doubt the best.  Of course the "free maintenance" warranty probably has 
something to do with that.

Incidentally, I had the "not a recall" power steering hose leak almost 6 
months ago.  At that point, nobody said anything to me which would indicate 
that other people were having the problem.