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Re: Fuel Economy comparison

more gas milaege stuff, delete if not interested....

> From: walter@quattro.corp.inmet.com (Walter Meares)

> I'd be very suspicious of a computer claiming that a heavier, equally boxy
> Audi 5000 with the same drivetrain gets higher mileage!  Aerodynamics and 
> better engine management in some of the newer models (maybe 88 or later, I
> don't remember which years things changed) might net some higher numbers...

We have the following cars, its interesting how they consume fuel.

	        	MPG      MPG      MPG      MPG    MPG     
			city   freeway  combined   best   worst
88 5000S Quattro        18-22   22-28     24-25    29-30  18-19
84 4000S Quattro        20-22   24-27     23-25    27-28  18-20
84 Porsche 911 Carrera  18-22   24-27     21-24    28-30  15-16

These numbers are *estimates only* and I wrote them down from memory
so take them with a "grain of salt".  But I've owned these cars for
several years now and they should be at least close.

Notice the big heavy 88 5000 gets the best milaege.  It is more 
aerodynamic then the 4000 and the later FI must do a better job.

The 5000 and especially the 911 are geared high so freeway milaege is good.

As other 4000Q owners have noticed the 4000 is geared very low,
therefore freeway gas milaege is limited even though it weighs less.

Carl DeSousa