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New roster info sought.

Hi All,

It has been a month or so since the last one, so once again it's
about time for another roster update.

If you are not already on the roster and would like to be
included please send me your bio info within the next week or
so.  It would help it if it is more or less in the format of the
other bio sketches.  If you would like to update your already
existing entry send me the info for modification.

Copies of the existing rosters may be obtained from majordomo. 
The procedure?

Send a message to:


In the *TEXT* of the message include:

	get quattro long_roster                (These are underscore
characters _ not dashes -)


	get quattro short_roster

or both.  If you use a sig. file add the command "end"
immediately following the last "get" command.

Updated rosters in both formats will be available in the same
manner after they are ready.  The current long roster is about
50+K while the short version is about 1/10th of that.

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