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Re: Help! Dealer woes . . .

This engine was most definitely spinning at *HIGH* RPM at the time of
the timing belt failure (Pro-Rally car).  Looking at the pistons and
the valves, I can see that it is the high point around the perimiter
of the dished piston that hit the valves.

It is possible that the perimiter of the dished turbo pistons might
be higher vs the highest point on the non-turbo pistons, such that the
turbo pistons might interfere with the valves but the non-turbo pistons
might not. I kindah doubt it though, it's hard to believe that the rim
of the 7:1 turbo pistons would be higher than the (~9:1 ?) non-turbo

It will require an accurate measurement of each and a comparison to
see for sure. I could measure the pin-to-land height on a turbo piston
but I don't have any non-turbo pistons handy for comparison.....