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Re: Intermittent Check Engine Light

>If the oxygen sensor is the culprit, has anyone replaced theirs?  Will the
>22 mm socket with the slot for the wiring pigtail that many auto parts
>stores sell (for $13 - ouch) do the trick?  Can you recommend a good
>source for the sensor, aside from paying $150 at the dealer?
>Mike Rottenborn
>P.S. The car has 73K miles and I believe the O2 sensor is original.

Hi Mike,
When I had the 60K checkup on my 5000S, dealer replaced the O2 sensor so
yours might be on its way out. My friend (shadetree mechanic
extraordinaire) told me since O2 sensor sits on exhaust manifold side, it
gets lots o' heat and sometimes can be VERY stubborn to remove. I took this
as a hint not to make him try or try it myself. So I had dealer do it. I
may just be a wimp.
I think the mail order places need to know how many wires come out of the
O2 sensor. Think there are 2 wire and 3 wire sensors. Of course 3 wire ones
cost more. Linda at Carlsen might give you a good deal.
That's all I know.
Ernest Wong