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Re: Help! Dealer woes . . .

Dave -

> Great news as these pistons are fairly new, right?

Yes, I just had all new pistons installed

> Dan, What's tha plan of attack on the head now?

Well, the head is off at a shop now specializing in repairing terminal
head damage.  What they're going to do is heliarc weld blobs of
aluminum into the chingered parts of the lifter bores, and then re-
machine the whole thing. They said that when they're done, I wouldn't
be able to tell that there was ever any damage

Here's another interesting tidbit: of course I'm replacing all of the
valve springs, but how do I know one won't break on me again in the
future?  John at Sport Wheels suggested that we have the springs
'magnafluxed' to check for any initial stress in the metal.  Anyone
know anything about this?

                                                    Dan Bocek