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Re: New to this list and the world of Audis

Quattro's Rally heritage?

Get John Buffum's bio, In Like a Lamb, Out Like a Lion, by Grimshaw *AND*
Development and Competition History of The Quattro, by Jeremy Walton.
If ya got the buks, there's another nice one called Sport Quattro, it's
like $250 from Classic Motorbooks, if they have any left.

I bet that salesslime's claims were, if anything, *LESS* than the actual,
real competition wins, championships, records, etc. You simply would not
beleive the competition successes of the ur-Quattro and all the Quattros
'till you do a bit of research. It is truely amazing the number of 
victories and records in many different areas of motorsports competition
that the Quattro has racked up! This is a very important reason why
the ur-Quattros are so collectible, an amazingly rich and successfull
competition history combined with breakthrough technology and hand-built
craftmanship in extremely small numbers.