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Re: New to this list and the

> >
> > > When I try to get the car rolling by gently engaging the clutch at 
> > > revs, there is a faint 'clunk' transmitted thru the chassis. This 
> > > happen if I'm more vigorous with the throttle.
> > > Am I actually hurting it trying to be nice?
> >
> > I've never seen that. It could be that you have a loose bushing in
> > the suspension or something off in the wheels/bearings.
> >
> I have a 1990 80Q, and I have seen the same behavior.  I believe that it 
> been there since the car was new. (it is very faint).

My Syncro sometimes does the same thing, and has for years.  One mechanic 
suspected a midship bearing that's a little loose in its housing.  I 
checked under the car, and the midship bearing is mounted in a rubber 
isolator that allows some movement, so under certain circumstances it could 
clunk.  In any case, mine has never gotten worse (I'm at 115K miles) so I'm 
not worrying about it.

- Dave Dahl  (dad@roadnet.ups.com)
- '87 VW Quantum Syncro
- '88 VW Fox GL