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Re: Chip & Exhaust for '87 Coupe

Yes, I'm sure the ur-Quattro exhuast would fit. The Quattro and the 4000 Q
are built on the same floorpan. Mods from the cat back are OK in SOLO II
Stock classes. I'm not sure there would really be an advantge in using
2 1/2" vs 2 1/4", as the 4000 Q is only ~2.2 liter and cams and big valves,
etc. are NOT legal. I do run a straight pipe from the cat back to the
Super Stapp, no center muffler, so there really is not a lot of backpressure.
In fact, on the street and on courses where I use a lot of mid-range RPM
I install 6-8 plates to increase the backpressure and shift the torque
band down into the 3-5000 RPM range. Oh, just to avoid confusion looking
at the subject line, I'm saying the ur-Quattro exhaust would likely fit
OK in the 4000 Q, I don't know about the '87 Coupe, as it is not built
on the same 4000Q/ur-Quattro floorpan.