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Re: Heat/AC/Fresh Air Flap

I wholeheartedly agree on two items,

1. Bentley is almost useless when debugging A/C problems, or
   even in trying to figure out how to get the box out of the car.

2. Using the A/C while running heat at defrost works almost like
   magic, it is really effective. I've had it on three previous 
   ( yes Japanese ) cars, and really miss it on cold damp days.
I have investigated adding a switch, but was trying to make sure
that I did not bypass and safety switches ( e.g. condensor pressure
too high, freeze stat trips, .... ) and find that everything seems
to go into the "control head". I wanted to take some time and do it
right. If and when O do, I'll try and do a posting.

Alan Cordeiro
'86 5000TQ