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Re: 84' Quattro

The '84s *might* have been the last year before the hot-dipped galvi
bodies were introduced. The '84 4000Qs ahve the same engine and
drivetrain as the 85-87 4000Qs, but the 84s are geared lower, 1:4.11 in
the '84 vs 1:3.90 in the '85-87 4000Qs. The '84s do not have the
"ground effects" stuff, no power windows in back, no heated seats
and have the older-style interior and headlight/tail lights/grille, etc.
The '84 is also about 180 Lbs lights vs the '85-87s. All are 2.2L fives
with 115 HP, 5-into-3-into-1 header setups and 2 1/4" exhausts, rear
discs, etc.