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Re: '83 A/C ,flaps,,microswitches....... R-12?

Hi there everyone,

The net seems to have been quiet for a while, so I thought I'd throw this out.

A posting appeared on the BMW network a while back mentioning alternatives to
R-12, which is getting scarce and EXPEN$IVE

It mentiones R-406a also known as GHG-12 developed by GEORGE GOBLE at Purdue
 ( ghg@ecn.purdue.edu ) One source mentioned was PEOPLES WELDING in Indianapolis.
Apparantly it is approved as an R-12 replacement for all but mobile applications.

Another solution suggested was a mixture of 75%-25% ISOPROPANE ( not propane )
and BUTANE. I may be off on these percentages.

Has anyone one the net tried, or know of someone that has tried one of these
replacements/alternatives ?  Could be better than converting over to CF-134A
once the R-12 supply finally runs out.

Alan Cordeiro