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Re: light-faced intruments

Mon Aug 15 18:07:40 1994

healey@chester.lerc.nasa.gov (jim healey) wrote:

>I was looking at the A6 in European Car and noticed the white
>instrument cluster.  It looks like the same shape as the 100/200
>clusters but has the inverted color scheme.  So is this stock 
>(or an option) on any of the Audis here in North America?  I 
>wonder if anybody imports these.  Sure, its just aesthetics, but 
>I wouldn't mind having it just to be different.

>Anybody seen this outside of a magazine?

I hate to start the D&W Catalog thread again, but pages 552-557 are
on modifing tach, and speedo clusters, with colored "foil" overlays.
Complete replacement gauge clusters are also available.

NP-Exclusive lists the S2-S4-Design as one face option, other options are:
red-white, white-red, white-black, grey-white, yellow-black, beige-black,
mint green-black, carbon look-white, blue-yellow, lilac-white, and rainbow.

NP Exclusive foils are listed available for the 80/90, B4 models after 9/86,
and the 100, C4 series after 10/91. The cost is DM 249. 
The foils are available for the center console gauges and they cost DM 35.

It's something anybody with a steady hand can do. Using your scale modeling
skills it will take longer to get the gauges out of the car than to apply
the foils. 

In Germany I helped a friend apply these foils to his BMW M3 Evolution
and they really looked good. They make an interesting difference. At night his
numerals were orange with a black backround, and in daylight the gauge faces
were white with the BMW Motor Sport stripes, and black numerals.
His car was pearl white with Motor Sport strips running across the car, and
a white interior with the same stripes across the seats. The gauges made the
theme complete. I thought it was gaudy, but everybody else loved the car.


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