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Re: Brakes need to be heated

> Ever since I replaced the stock pads on my 1990 Audi 100 with Repco
> MetalMaster's I feel that my brakees are quite ineffective early
> in the morning. 

This is the way they are supposed to act.  Check the VW archives
on ftp.lap.umd.edu for more info - these pads can at times be
even dangerous, especially if cold AND wet.  I've had a couple of
scares myself in my GLI...
> It seems to be that after using or warming up a bit they seem to improve.

They do.  It's not really the best pads for all around street use.
Best for autocross or if you push the car hard.

> These also seem to be a bit
> noisier.

I haven't noticed this.  What they are is a lot less prone to shedding
brake dust on your rims.
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