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Re: RE71s - any experience?

>KILLER tire that is totally underrated!  
Thanks Eric, that makes my day so far.
>I used to race on these tires and they were AWSOME!  Very neutral and
>forgiving breakaway, with LOT'S of feedback.  The only drawback that I can
>think of (and it's not one to me) is that the sidewalls are EXTREMLY stiff
>amplifying bumps in the road and making the tires a real bitch to mount...
>but that has the side affect of RAZOR sharp turn-in, some thing all our
>Audi's need.
<snip snip>
>One other thing about the RE-71's they arn't the size that you would expect,
>My 225-50/15's really measured out to be 245-45/15's but that was'nt really a
>problem for me.

Wow I had no idea they could be off that much, but at least they err on the 
aggressive side.  I'll be giving these tires a long test drive soon enough
and I'll report what I learn about them

Thanks again

jim h

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