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Unintended pedal misapplication

Funny this topic would come up.  Our library just received a new book,
titled "When Technology Fails" by Schlager and Petroski.  It details
various noteworthy engineering failures such as the Hindenburg, Ford
Pinto, and to my mild astonsihment, the Audi 5000 scare.  I was 
disappointed to see the myth propagated in an otherwise enjoyable
book, but here's a few of the facts it pointed out.

	The horizontal pedal separation was 2.4", versus a typical range
	of 2.3" to 2.6".

	It affected model years 1978-1986.

	There was also a recall regarding an "idle stabilizer valve", which
	was characterized as a silent recall to covertly fix the unintended
	acceleration problem.

I don't personally vouch for the above "facts", besides, VWAG 3-speed 
automatics don't really turn me on.  The effect on resale values, however,
really does!

Matt Bartholomew
'88 5000tq with the really nice suede seats