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Re: 82 Coupe GT

I wonder if anybody  received  a mailing from Volkswagen back in 1987 
regarding UI.  VWCanada sent a 16 page collection of articles titled 
"What People Who Know Cars Are Saying About UI--Perspectives From the 
Automotive Press." It contains articles from Car & Driver, Cannoball 
Express, VW & Porsche, Motor Magazine and Auto Age.  The cover letter to 
the booklet basically states that "these articles provides a 
behind-the-scene perspective which confirms the level of engineering 
excellence behind every Audi."
According to Motor Magazine  the runaway Audi shown on 60 Minutes was 
modified by consulting engineer Rosenbluth using an external hydraulic 
pump that applied pressure to the auto tranny valve body.

The Auto Age article had an interesting point. He revved his 87 5000 into 
the red with the foot brake on. The car stalled!

Too bad Volkswagen didn"t do what GM did regarding the pickup gas tanks.  
It would have been interesting to see where Audi would be today  without 
60 Minutes.

Derek Gibson