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Drive train noise(?) in 86 5000

I've just been thru the usual run of maintenance problems (brakes,
PS pump, CV joint, exhaust next) and just got hit with another - I feel 
punch drunk so I need some help on my 86 5000CS (non-q).

I've got a buzz/humm/vroom'ing noise which gets fairly noticeable above
30 MPH.  At first I thought speedo cable, but it varies with steering
angle - turning towards the left makes it almost completely go away,
while it is there when the wheel is centered or turned right.  It
varies in pitch with speed and increases in volume with acceleration.
It doesn't make the noise when the car is stationary and the engine is 
rev'ed in neutral - tranny is a slush box.

I'm having my mechanic look at it next week, but figured I throw it at 
the group for independent analysis.  I'm guessing wheel bearing, but
I'm just too burned out to pursue.

Cheers, Joe