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Re: cheap tires?

On Fri Aug 26 10:10:40 1994

Dan Simoes <dans@ans.net> wrote:

>One I had not considered: Pirelli P6.
>For some reason these are dirt cheap now.  
>Even the local places are advertising 195/60HR14s
>at around $60, mounted.  I'm tempted to go with these - how
>are they?  I hated my P500s I had on the Jetta.

The P500 is a touring tire.
My grandfather might like them.

The Pirelli P6 is from the early generation of low profile affordable
almost-performance tires.

Anybody else remember when the Pirelli P7 was THE hot set-up?

Check the P6 tires for the country of origin. Almost certainly they
are not Italian. I would guess they are Brasilian, but Pirelli have
many plants across the globe. You might be surprised how advanced this
tire is perceived in some third-world markets.
The standard equipment for the Brasilian made 1994 VW Gol GTI 2.0(Not a Golf).

A parallel pricing example exists:

Have you seen all of those cheap factory VW wheels advertised in Euro-Car

The ones that cost $275 at the dealer, and are $75 mail-order, thats because
the cheap ones are not German, they are from the Brasilian market.

>- Dunlop D60/A2: have em on the Jetta, love them.
>- Yoko A509 or similar:  have heard good reports but they don't last long.

I would be swayed towards Dunlops D60-A2 because of my experience with the D40-M2s.


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